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Traditional Auctioneers Directory:
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Able Auction Co. of Canada Ltd, 10325 Sask. Dr., Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 4R7, Phone: 780-439-2000, Fax: 780-433-8000
Action Auction Alberta, Box 6215, Innisfail, Alberta, T4G 1S9, Phone: 403-277-3850
Alberta North Auction Services, RR #1, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 2Z8, Phone: 780-532-7748
All Appraisals and Disposals Ltd., 232 Riverglen Place SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3T4, Phone: 403-255-8388, Fax: 403-569-8462,,
ALL CANADIAN AUCTIONS Inc., Box 579, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 3A8, Phone: 780-694-2888, Fax: 780-694-2890,,
All Rite Auctions Ltd., Box 678, Daysland, Alberta, T0B 1A0, Phone: 780-743-5804, Fax: 780-374-0004
Allen B. Olson Auction Service Ltd., Box 118, Rimbey, Alberta, T0C 2J0, Phone: 403-843-2747, Fax: 403-843-3204,,

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Allen B. Olson has been in the auctioneering business for 41 years serving Central Alberta and area. We specialize in farm machinery, equipment and real estate. Whether you have one piece of equipment or a complete line of machinery, give us a call.
Andrejcin Auction Service, Box 699, Bassano, Alberta, T0J 0B0, Phone: 403-641-3837
Andruchow Auctions Ltd, 16135-99 St., Edmonton, Alberta, T4X 4R5, Phone: 780-456-1210,,

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Armed with many years of experience we are capable of conducting all types of sales: Farm, Estate, Household, Livestock, Antique or Real Estate, Business Closeout, etc.
Annett Auction Services, Box 1952, Brooks, Alberta, T1R 1C7, Phone: (403) 362-6030, Fax: (403) 362-6083,
Antoniuk Real Estate Ltd., Box 350, Mundare, Alberta, T0B 3H0, Phone: 780-764-3955
apple, rafael (fletaport) garcia bouve d veracruz 9 su, veracruz 9 subsotano c, Alberta, 28036 ra, Phone: 1-936-9367, Fax: 1-936-9367, rafael (fletaport) garcia bouve d veracruz 9 subsotano c Madrid Spain 28036 rafael (fletaport) garcia bouve d veracruz 9 subsotano c Madrid Spain 28036 rafael (fletaport) garcia bouve d veracruz 9 subsotano c Madrid Spain 28036 raf,
Ardrossan Auction Service, 22120 Hwy 16, Ardrossan, Alberta, T8E 2E6, Phone: 780-922-2653
Art Scott Auction Service, Box 185, Stavely, Alberta, T0L 1Z0, Phone: 403-549-2122,,

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Art Scott Auctions has been serving southern Alberta areas for over 25 years. We are fully bonded and licensed and use the Top Bid computerized auction program for faster, more efficient services to sellers and buyers.
Art Westendorf Auctions, RR #5, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, T9A 1X2, Phone: 780-352-3566,,

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Thinking Auction ... Get Action! Art Westendorf Auctions Specializes in Farm and Livestock Sales, Heavy Equipment Liquidation, Household Auctions, Antiques and Estate Sales, Real Estate Auctions.
Arthur Clausen and Sons, Auctioneers, 11802 - 145 St., Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 2H3, Phone: 1-877-451-4549, Fax: Fax: 454-2776,,

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"Your Estate Auction Specialists For 30 Years!"
Arthur L. Poczapski Auction Service, 4919-47 St., Innisfail, Alberta, T4G 1M9, Phone: 403-227-5357
Artic Wolf Auctions Inc., Box 459, Wembley, Alberta, T0H 3S0, Phone: 780-354-8979
ATandT, Kulgränd 9 Tungelsta 13754 Tungelsta Sweden 7433DC, Tungelsta 13754, Alberta, 7433DC, Phone: 0760910080, Fax: 800-810-4700, Kulgränd 9 Tungelsta 13754 Tungelsta Sweden 7433DC,
Auction Barn, Box 1391, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 4Z2, Phone: 780-538-1524
Auction Express, 22 Garden Valley Dr., Stony Plain, Alberta, T7Z 1H7, Phone: 780-963-2934
Balog Auction Services Ltd., Box 786, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 3Z6, Phone: 403-320-1980, Fax: 403-320-2660,,

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191 Years of Knowledge, Experience and Committment. Were always there when you need us... let us put our years of auction experience to work for you!
Barrhead Auction Mart 1978 Ltd., Box 4581, Barrhead, Alberta, T7N 1A4, Phone: 780-674-0582, Fax: 780-785-2094
Beaver Hill Auction Services Ltd., Box 957, Tofield, Alberta, T0B 4J0, Phone: 780-662-9384,,

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Our team of professionals includes over 100 years of combined experience in livestock and farm auctions.
Berezay's Auction Service, Box 4 Site 10, Cardston, Alberta, T0K 0K0, Phone: 403-653-2296
Berg's Auction Service, 6516-46th Ave., Camrose, Alberta, T4V 0E7, Phone: 780-672-5615
Bergen Auction Service, Box 183, La Crete, Alberta, T0H 2H0, Phone: 780-928-2452
Big Strapper Auction Services, 414 Site 1 Box 40 RR #5, Lacombe, Alberta, T0C 1S0, Phone: 403-782-5693,,

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Specializing in Antiques and Collectibles Estate – Farm – Houshold Sales – Bankruptcies Pickup available – We buy, sell, consign
Bil Morison Auctions, Box 3298, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 2B6, Phone: 403-948-5786
Bishop Auction Service 2003 Ltd., Box 512, Consort, Alberta, T0C 1B0, Phone: (403) 577-2412, Fax: (403) 577-2422,,

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Bishop Auction Service 2003 Ltd. If you want to hear the word SOLD give us a call....
Blahun Auction Services, 28 Glenbrook Blvd., Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8Z 2Z2, Phone: 780-464-1379
Box Laackmann Auctioneering, Box 18, Milk River, Alberta, T0K 1M0, Phone: 403-647-2141
Boyle and District Auction Mart, Box 239, Boyle, Alberta, T0A 0M0, Phone: 780-689-2461, Fax: 780-675-5766
Bud Haynes and Co. Auctioneers Ltd., Box 456, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 5G1, Phone: 403-347-7301, Fax: 403-347-7633,,

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Specializing in Antique & Modern Firearms, Swords, & related Items, we are the oldest established Gun Auction in Canada. We offer a professional service which can include everything from packing, transport, cataloguing, pictures & cleaning & storage.
Buksa's Auctioneering, RR #1, Warburg, Alberta, T0C WT0, Phone: 780-848-2343
C. Pahl Auction Service, Box 1765, Hanna, Alberta, T0J 1P0, Phone: 403-854-1900, Fax: 403-854-2402
Canadian Public Auction Ltd., 9320-52nd St. SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 2R5, Phone: 403-269-6600, Fax: 403-266-6745,,

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Canadian Public Auction has been in the auction business, in the Calgary area, for eighteen years, specializing in the marketing of industrial machinery, equipment, heavy and light duty trucks, and all related parts and servicing equipment.
Carey Auction Service, Box 27, Stavely, Alberta, T0L 1Z0, Phone: 403-549-2478
Cartier Auction Service, RR #1, Winfield, Alberta, T0C 2Y0, Phone: 780-682-2471, Fax: 780-682-2024
Castle Auction Services Ltd., Box 9, Round Hill, Alberta, T0B 3Z0, Phone: 780-672-2524
Central Auction, Box 500, Rycroft, Alberta, T0H 3A0, Phone: 780-765-3054, Fax: 780-765-3016
Century Services Inc. Calgary, #300-215-10th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0A4, Phone: 403-294-9400, Fax: 403-294-9409,

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Century conducts auctions and liquidations throughout North America. In addition, we dismantle and salvage the assets of industrial plants across all market sectors.
Century Services Inc. Edmonton, 11670C-147th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 1W2, Phone: 780-944-9144, Fax: 000-780-9629,
Cherry Hill Auctions of Canada, 13-7428-49 Ave., Red Deer, Alberta, T4P 1M2, Phone: 403-342-2514
Chris Boland Auctions Inc., 780 Whitemont Dr. NE, Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 3N1, Phone: 403-293-9073, Fax: 403-280-1368
Clyde Auctioneering, Box 134, Clyde, Alberta, T0G 0P0, Phone: 780-348-5414, Fax: (780) 348-5959,

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Clyde Auctioneering; When you want to hear the word SOLD give us a dall....
Cole's Auction Mart Ltd., Box 1208, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, T0M 1T0, Phone: 403-845-2100
Couey Auctions Ltd., 930-6th St. W., High River, Alberta, T1V 1A8, Phone: 403-395-2271
Crowsnest Pass Auction Services, Box 1167, Blairmore, Alberta, T0K 0E0, Phone: 403-562-2224, Fax: 403-562-2214
D.W.R. Auctions, Box 36, New Sarepta, Alberta, T0B 3M0, Phone: 780-941-2442
Dale's Auction Service, Box 1574, Vegreville, Alberta, T9C 1S7, Phone: 780-658-2128
Dan Skeels Auction Service, Box 1638, Rimbey, Alberta, T0C 2J0, Phone: 403-843-4756
Daniel Steve Myroniuk, Box 218, Mannville, Alberta, T0B 2W0, Phone: 780-763-3569
Darren Lutz Auction Services, Box 172, Irvine, Alberta, T0J 2V0, Phone: 403-834-2223
Dary's Auction Service, Box 444, Vina, Alberta, T0A 3L0, Phone: 780-636-2489
Dean Wolf Auction Services, Box 471, Linden, Alberta, T0M 1J0, Phone: 403-546-2274
Debros Auction Services, Box 2274, Fort Macleod, Alberta, T0L 0Z0, Phone: 403-553-2631, Fax: 403-553-4535
Dekeyser Auction Service, Box 4581, Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0, Phone: 403-823-9871,

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Specializing in all types of Auctions including: Bison, Farm, Estate, Antique
Del Haynes Auctions Ltd., Box 144, Longview, Alberta, T0L 1H0, Phone: 403-558-2451
Del Jordan Auctioneering, 23 Ashley Close, Red Deer, Alberta, T4R 2X3, Phone: 403-346-6895
Denene Holdings Ltd., 5804-36 Ave., Camrose, Alberta, T4N 4B7, Phone: 780-672-0462
Dennis Allen Auctioneering, Box 3326, Vermillion, Alberta, T9X 2B3, Phone: 780-853-5632
Diamond D Auction, 35-28342 TWP Rd 384, Red Deer County, Alberta, T4S 2B6, Phone: 403-346-9308
DJ Collins Auctioneering, Box 63, Fort Kent, Alberta, T0A 1H0, Phone: 780-826-5726
Don C. Althen Auction, 120 Executive Square, Del Bonita, Alberta, T0K 0S0, Phone: 403-758-6755, Fax: 403-758-6810
Don Savage Auctions, 108 Flett Dr., Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 1N2, Phone: 403-948-3520,,

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Don Savage Auction's customers have always taken top priority. Whether you are hosting your bull sale, a production sale, a consignment sale or an Association-sponsored event, we promote your program, not just sale day but year round.
Don Smart Enterprises Ltd., 10551-40th St., Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 1S9, Phone: 780-496-7477
Donna's Auction Service 1972, RR 1 Site 2 Box 49, Lacombe, Alberta, T0C 1S0, Phone: 403-748-4810
Double D Auctions, Box 441, Vilna, Alberta, T0A 3L0, Phone: 780-636-2843
Doug Johnson Auctions Service, 4904-58 St., Camrose, Alberta, T4V 2G4, Phone: 780-672-1105, Fax: 780-672-7761
Dunkle Auction Services, Box 545 5218 - 49 St., Castor, Alberta, T0C 0X0, Phone: 403-882-2239, Fax: (403) 882-2239,,

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Dunkle Auction Services:The "Sound" that "Sells"
Eastman Auctioneering, Box 124, Brownvale, Alberta, T0H 0L0, Phone: 780-597-2193
Ed May Auction Service Ltd., Box 453, Manning, Alberta, T0H 2M0, Phone: 780-836-2226
Ed Prodaniuk Auctions, 7804-132 Aven, Edmonton, Alberta, T5C 2B1, Phone: 780-473-5153
Ed Walker Auctioneering Ltd., RR #1, Calahoo, Alberta, T0G 0J0, Phone: 780-459-3285
Edmonton Wholesale & Auction Service Ltd., 1687-42nd St., Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 0L1, Phone: 780-718-2274
Edson Auction Mart, Box 6062, Edson, Alberta, T7E 1T6, Phone: 780-723-4245, Fax: 780-712-4202
Egland Auctions Ltd., RR #1, Carmangay, Alberta, T0L 0N0, Phone: 403-757-2209
Eldon T. Kobberstad Auction Services, 4919-39 St., Innisfail, Alberta, T4G 1J2, Phone: 403-227-4911
Ellis Auctions Ltd., Box 1047, Redcliffe, Alberta, T0J 2P0, Phone: 403-548-6663
Empress Auction Sales Yards Ltd., Box 192, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 7E9, Phone: 403-529-7789, Fax: 403-567-4348
Erv Mielke Auction Service, Box 441, Hardisty, Alberta, T0B 1V0, Phone: 780-888-3878
Fenske Auctions, 12135 William Short Rd., Edmonton, Alberta, T4B 2E1, Phone: 780-474-1243
Ferguson Auction Service, 5218 - 49 St. Box 545, Longview, Alberta, T0L 1H0, Phone: 403-558-2246
Fine Tuned Events, 4303-88th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6K 1A1, Phone: 780-462-0779
Fisher Auction Sales and Service, 1026-6th Ave., Wainwright, Alberta, T9W 1H3, Phone: 780-842-4596
Foothills Equipment and Liquidation, 22355C Wye Road, Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8C 1H7, Phone: 780-922-6090, Fax: 780-922-6248,,

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If you are thinking of an auction, be it from heavy equipment to office furniture or anything in between, don't hesitate to call any one of our experienced staff for information.
Fosnauch Auction Service, RR 4, Lacombe, Alberta, T0C 1S0, Phone: 403-782-4581
Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd., Box 839, Vulcan, Alberta, T0L 2B0, Phone: 403-264-4771, Fax: 403-485-2684,,

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Founded in 1967 and located in Vulcan, Alberta, we have managed thousands of sales in Alberta specializing in Agricultural, Machinery, Real Estate, Horses, Antiques and Canadiana. We are a fully mobile auction service.
Future Auctions, Box 1432, Ft. Macleod, Alberta, T0L 0Z0, Phone: 403-553-2264
G.W. Bysterveld Auctioneering, Box 394, Sundre, Alberta, T0M 1X0, Phone: 403-638-2269
Galvin Auction Co. Ltd., 5678 Burleigh Cr. SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 1Z8, Phone: 403-253-9401, Fax: 403-253-9408,,

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Complete Auction Services... Art, Antiques Estate & Appraisals, Jewellery, High Quality Home Furnishings, Office Furniture, Commercial Industrial Auctions. On site or at our 16,000 Sq. ft. Salesroom.
GARY HANNA AUCTIONS LTD., 11303 Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton, Alberta, S7L 5S2, Phone: (780)440-1075, Fax: (780)453-3975,

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Gary Hanna Auctions provides a professional and friendly atmosphere for the purchase and sale of commodity products, vehicles and industrial equipment. Consignment information is available by contacting us directly.
Giles Auctioneering Service, 12 Chippewa Rd., Leduc, Alberta, T9E 4M8, Phone: 780-986-2873
Glen Wendt, Box 7847, Bonnyville, Alberta, T9N 2J2, Phone: 780-826-2074
Global Auctioneers Ltd., 714-17A Street, High River, Alberta, T1V 1S4, Phone: 403-652-5563
Gordon Murison Auctioneering, Box 6480, Hinton, Alberta, T7V 1X7, Phone: 780-865-3191, Fax: 780-557-8669
Gordon Schlamp Auction Service, Box 539, Thorhild, Alberta, T0A 3J0, Phone: 780-398-2091
Graham Auctions, 4321-84 St. NE, Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 7H3, Phone: 403-777-9393, Fax: 403-777-9396,,

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Graham Auctions has everything you could possibly want. We are Licensed and Bonded and are a Member of the Truly Canadian Website Club. There is nothing more exciting than an auction. Be sure to visit us soon you wont be disappointed.
Greenview Auctions Ltd., 404-40 Ave. NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 2M7, Phone: 403-279-7131

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